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Monday, February 21, 2011

Adverse effects of hair coloring

Hair coloring involves the use of chemicals capable of removing , replacing, and/or covering up pigments naturally found inside the hair shaft. Use of these chemicals can result in a range of adverse effects, including:
-Skin irritation
-Hair breakage
-Skin discoloration
-Unpredictable color results

The better option for dyeing your hair is...... HENNA
Henna is a plant used for Ayurvedix coloring. The orange dye is commonly used as a deposit-only hair colo whose component, lawsone, binds to keratin. It is therefore considered semi-permanent to permanent depending on a person's hair type. Most people will achieve a permanent color from henna, especially after the second dye. With repeated use the orange color builds up into a red and then auburn. While "natural" henna is generally a red color.
Even CurlyNikki uses Henna. (above picture)

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